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Welcome to my forum on Spiritual Development and Relationship Counselling. Please browse our categories and join in.

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  • I would like the discussion to be conducted in a mature and responsible manner, honouring and respecting differences of opinion and discussing controversial issues based on fact and logic and not emotive argument that may be destructive to the debate.   The following behaviour will result in the contributor being removed from the forum : Derogatory personal comments directed at a contributor Derogatory comments aimed at people outside the forum Intolerance of difference in spiritual ideology different to one’s own Inappropriate language, this will include but not be limited to swearing or blasphemy Destructive, as opposed to constructive, criticism Plagiarism – using the words of others as your own
  • It is my wish that we use this space on my website to debate and reflect on spiritual issues that are important to you and to the postmodern period in which we live. There are many things which call for a deeper understanding in the world of spirituality and I would really enjoy debating them here with you. I hope to have contributions that will provide enlightenment from many bright spiritual minds as well as tentative questions from contributors early in their spiritual walk.