St Paul's radical theology of Unity

I am writing a series on Paul, one of the most interesting and challenging things I've done in a long time. I'm starting to see the more global kinds of applications of Paul's spirituality. When I listen to Richard Rohr on this topic, and I hear him talking about the how the Cosmic Christ, or the Universal Christ is a means towards unity in such a BIG way; not only my world, or yours, my community, my church, my denomination, my country... and we can go on.

I recognised such power in Rohr's statement that the Universal Christ opens the door for inter-faith connection. Wow! This concept unites us as a people, as humanity. It opens my mind to a much larger dimension - that is, I don't own my spirituality, my relationship with Christ; it belongs to everyone. That is spiritual connection! This is the unity that Paul is striving for when he says "There is no Jew nor Greek, no slave nor free, no male nor female you are all in Christ. Notice he does not say we all follow Christ, he says we are all in Christ.

We are all one with all of God's creation, human or natural, as Christ's divine DNA resides in all he has created, from the beginning of time. This is the Universal Christ, we are awash in the love of Christ that Paul talks about in 1 Corinthians 13, a perfect love that unites us and will never leave any of us.

Love, within the Universal Christ, is what mobilises and connects us; without the love of the Universal Christ, there is no community and no connection. In the more modern concept of the Trinity, the three entities Father, Son and Spirit are closely bound together in a circle of endless love and perfect community; so close that they seem like one being. Perhaps the early Church Fathers were taken with the concept of the Universal Christ in Paul's letters, when they came up with the theory of the Trinity. Just a thought...

May you always know the unifying love of the Universal Christ.

Elaine Fourie

Reference :

Rohr, R. 2019. The Universal Christ : How a forgotten reality can change everything we see, hope for, and believe. New York: Convergent Books


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